May 17 2022 to May 20 2022

Red Wolf Reliability
912 Smithfield Drive, Suite 4
Fort Collins CO
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Basic Compressor Analysis – In-Person

Rocky Mountain Training Center
May 17-20, 2022

The Basic Compressor Analysis course is designed to acquaint the new analyst with the analysis equipment, the equipment that is being tested, the industry standards and best practices in analysis techniques, test points, and analysis methods.

Certification Exam: Included in the cost of the course 

After the course, the analyst should be able to:

  • Determine the mechanical condition of each compressor valve
  • Identify flow restrictions or excessive pressure drops
  • Find leaking rings
  • Detect loose piston on the rod
  • Determine if the pockets are leaking
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the capacity control and unloader devices
  • Locate external process leaks including packing
  • Survey the bearings, pins, and bushings for extra clearance
  • Measure the HP, capacity, and efficiency of each cylinder 
  • Determine the effective operating clearance volume 
  • Other vibration-related problems (looseness, alignment, etc.)