Sep 19 2022 to Sep 22 2022

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Machine Lubrication Technician Level II – In-Person

Rocky Mountain Training Center
September 19-22, 2022

This advanced level course was developed to help program managers, lubrication engineers and first-line technicians develop their ability to articulate machine specifications and technically accurate lubrication practices. This course offers the ICML body of knowledge including lubrication theory and formulation; testing and analysis; lubricant selection and application; maintenance strategy; lubricant condition control and storage. Practical case studies and problem-solving activities will be included to help students retain and recall methods that tackle real-world challenges.

Course Topics:

  • Maintenance Strategies and the Role of Machine Lubrication
  • Friction and Wear, and Film Formation
  • Lubricant Construction: Base Stock Mineral & Synthetic, and Bio-Based Lubes Food Grade Lubes Additives
  • Lubricant Application and Performance
  • Lubricant Selection: General Concepts & Methods, Turbines, Compressors Plain Bearings, Gears, Reducers, Spindle, Slideways, Chasis, and Wire Ropes
  • Lubricant Testing & Performance Analysis (A) & (B)
  • Lubricant Application and Management (A) & (B)
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Lubricant Condition Control: Sampling
  • Contamination Prevention & Removal
  • Lubricant Storage & Handling

This course is taught by AMRRI instructor Mike Johnson.
Mike Johnson is the instructor for this course and Founder and President of AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc) and Generation Systems, Inc., publisher of LUBE-IT Software. Mike has 35+ years of practical experience in the field of industrial lubrication and equipment reliability management.

Mike has an extensive background in theoretical and practical tribology and uses this knowledge assisting organizations that want to improve machine reliability through improvement of machine lubrication work plans, benchmarking, program development and implementation, in-plant coaching and certification training, failure analysis, and thorough advice and support in developing standards for precision lubrication practices.

Mike holds CMRP, CLS, CRL, MLE, MLA3, and MLT2 certifications

Certification Exam:

An optional certification exam will be offered at the Rocky Mountain Training Facility for an additional $275. The exam and certification are offered through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML). To take the certification exam you must go to the ICML website to register for the exam at least two weeks before the course. Course attendance registration must be done through Red Wolf Reliability.