Plant Lubrication

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In this course the students will be introduced to a foundational understanding and recognition of the root causes of machinery failure due to improper lubrication, lubricant contamination, handling & storage practices, as well as transfers the knowledge & basic steps needed to begin a proactive oil analysis program, interpret oil analysis lab reports and to take appropriate action in response to out of tolerance conditions.  

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of an industrial plant environment & industrial machinery 

Certification Exam: 50 questions, 2 hour time limit (multiple choice & true / false)

Continuing Education Credit Hours: 18 Hours

Plant Lubrication Course Objectives:  

  • Ensure proper lubricants are in use in varying applications
  • Ensure best practices in lubricant storage, handling & dispensing
  • Apply simple action steps to begin moving towards a reliability-centered proactive maintenance machinery lubrication culture
  • Establish ground work for launching a comprehensive oil analysis program