Ultrasound - ISO Category I

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Follows Category I Guidelines Established by ISO 18436-8, "Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine – Requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel – Part 8: Ultrasound."

Prerequisites: Candidates should be capable of hearing a standard pure tone audiometry with results of an average of 25 dB hearing level or lower. It is recommended that candidates have at least a secondary school graduate qualification or its equivalent. 

Certification Exam:  60 questions, 2-hour time limit, passing score is 70% correct

ISO Certification: Requires a total of 32 hours of formal training or independent study, 6 months cumulative experience, and examination. Prior learning in signal analysis and diagnostic methods from vibration category I, II, III, or IV or acoustic emission category I, II, or III shall be taken into account for formal training requirements

Course Length:  32 Hours

Introduction to Ultrasound Course Objectives:

  • Apply a specified ultrasound measurement technique; however, persons classified as category I shall not be regarded as competent to choose the test method or technique used
  • Set up and operate the ultrasound equipment for safe ultrasound data collection
  • Verify the integrity of collected data and prevent or control poor data and error sources
  • Perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis in accordance with established instructions
  • Record and categorize the results in terms of written criteria
  • Maintain a database of results and trends
  • Verify sensitivity of ultrasound measurement instruments and systems
  • Evaluate and report test results in accordance with instructions highlighting areas of concern
  • Recognize and prevent or control factors that result in the acquisition of poor quality data