Research & Development

Creating a more reliable world through innovative advancements in reliability engineering.

Being a leader in research and development requires innovation in thought and in practice and, at Red Wolf Reliability, we are committed to both. We are proud to have the best mechanical engineers and reliability specialists in the industry working together to develop new systems and applications to make condition monitoring easier and more reliable. Using state-of-the-art technology, outside-of-the-box thinking and good old fashioned experience, we are leading the industry in developing unique monitoring solutions for clients around the world.

Research & Development

Red Wolf Reliability focuses on delivering the best solutions possible to their clients. Occasionally this means choosing to ignore the "easy" method or the mentality of, "This is Grant at Workhow we have always done it." Rapid progression in technology over the last decade has opened the door to novel methods of vibration analysis and signal processing that were previously unfeasible or unknown. Couple these advances with improved embedded computing platforms and data acquisition systems and it quickly becomes apparent that many current industrial systems and practices simply do not provide the best solution. 

Internal research at Red Wolf Reliability is driven by our desire to provide our clients with access to technology that may be years ahead of our competitors. Utilizing industrial partnerships, as well as Colorado State University, we work together to better the industry as a whole by transitioning technology from the lab to the plant. 

Red Wolf Reliability currently has patents pending with the United States Patent Office and is striving to bridge the gap between industry and academia.