FREE One Hour Webinar on Reliability Assessment

Reliability Assessment

Red Wolf Reliability (formerly Pioneer Engineering) is offering a FREE One Hour Webinar on Reliability Assessment Wednesday, June 23, 2021 • 11am-12pm MST

Understanding how to improve your reliability program can be daunting, especially when the review comes from within. Emotional attachments to processes and procedures can cloud an objective view. It is also overwhelming to even know how to begin. The Reliability Program Assessment conducted only by Pioneer Engineering’s most senior staff members manages these hurdles for you. A review of your program, first from a qualitative point of view, and then validated with a quantitative analysis is the most efficient way to develop a road map to improvement. All aspects of a world class reliability program are covered and scored objectively. These scores clearly identify the right approach.   

Each assessment is conducted over five business days and is delivered as a set fee plus any travel related expenses. The client is welcome to use the report as a guide to internal improvement, or even hand it to a Red Wolf Reliability competitor for implementation. If, however, the client chooses to engage Red Wolf Reliability for some, or all, of the implementation, services are discounted until the original assessment fee is recouped by the client. 

While we cannot widely publish examples of completed reports, we are more than happy to share whitewashed versions individually with interested parties.

Free to all attendees. Please register to reserve your space for the Live Webinar