University Partnerships

CSU 2016 Senior Design Project

Red Wolf Reliability is always looking for new ways to do business and improve reliability and predictive maintenance programs. During the course of our history we have come to realize that current methods for monitoring bearings in reciprocating engines is limited. We want to change that. 

Currently, Red Wolf Reliability is working on developing technology that would make it much easier to monitor and predict failures on reciprocating engine bearings. However, in order to ensure that our technology works as desired, we need a way to test it. This is why we partnered with Colorado State University and sponsored a Senior Design team to help us out. 

Team Launches Test Cell at E-Days Presentation

Red Wolf Reliability's Senior Design Team for this event consisted of five members:
Taylor Buchard, Alex Tomsick, JT Van Veen, Kyle Zelz, and Raegan Lowe.

They were tasked with designing and building a reciprocating load bearing test cell which included an engine, driving motor, variable frequency drive and mounting system. From there Red Wolf Reliability mounted our technology to the test cell to validate its accuracy at predicting failings in reciprocating equipment.[Image at right: Senior Design member talks about their finished project.]

The team presented their project at the annual Colorado State University E-Day's event on Friday, April 15, 2016, giving everyone a little glimpse of what Red Wolf Reliability has been working on. Grant Slinger, a Red Wolf Reliability employee and one of the Senior Design Advisors, enjoyed working with the team through this process. "It was a great experience to not only share what Red Wolf Reliability has been working on, but also to help teach and see the growth in up and coming engineers", Slinger said.

Red Wolf Reliability is currently looking for customers in the oil and gas industry who are willing to be field product testers. If this is something you feel you might be interested in, contact us here!

CSU Formula SAE Race Car

Red Wolf Reliability has been supporting Colorado State University Formula SAE team for the past three years. Formula SAE is the largest collegiate design competition in the world and is sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal is for universities to design, build, test and demonstrate an open-wheeled prototype vehicle for the weekend competition market. The competition is broken up into four dynamic driving events: Autocross, Endurance, Skidpad and Acceleration; and three static events: Design Judging, Cost Review and Business Presentation. During the static events the students are interviewed by industry professionals on their design and knowledge of the dynamic systems of their vehicle.

The CSU car was originally built for the internal combustion competition.

To keep up with changing technology, the team has decided to build a car for the electric competition. These projects and competitions are fun and provide invaluable experience for the students through engineering practice, team collaboration and real-world interaction with manufacturing sponsors.