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Reliability Services and Education That Meet Your Individual and Company Needs

Red Wolf Reliability is one of the industry’s leading firms focused on providing solutions and training in the fields of plant reliability, mechanical design and vibration analysis. Our passion in providing our clients with innovative reliability and vibration solutions is what drives us to be the best at what we do, anywhere in the world, every day. Professional development is an important part of a company’s long-term growth and overall productivity. We have developed courses focused on vibration analysis, plant reliability and machine theory, designed to give attendees the ability to apply practical theories and ideas in a hands-on and interactive learning environment.

In-Person Training and Education


With global industry standards and expectations evolving and increasing at a rapid pace, achieving and maintaining maximum machinery reliability and efficiency is growing more important every day. At Red Wolf Reliability, we believe that proper employee training can help reduce risk and maximize equipment reliability and efficiency.



Red Wolf Reliability provides engineering services that exceed industry standards. Our reliability experts work along side you in facilitating personalized reliability centered maintenance programs for you and your facility and are dedicated to improving overall operational efficiencies.



Red Wolf Reliability provides mentoring in all areas that we provide services. This means your mentor is experienced in the subject matter you have questions about and will be able to provide knowledgeable answers on your real-world applications.