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Vibration Condition Monitoring

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Vibration Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is essential to the implementation of a successful predictive maintenance strategy. Periodically monitoring the "health" of your equipment decreases downtime and reduces maintenance costs. For rotating and reciprocating machinery, a vibration condition monitoring program is the best way to predict machine failure before it happens. Implementing a condition monitoring program will provide long-term reliability to your operations, by reducing downtime and increasing product output.

Our vibration analysts are experts in their field

We only hire qualified and experienced reliability specialists to collect, trend and analyze your data.

Custom reporting - Our engineers/analysts prepare machine condition reports to your specifications. Some clients value in-depth analysis details while others prefer simpler reporting that highlights maintenance recommendations.

  • It's your data - any data collected for you is co-owned. At your request, we can provide all your historical data in an standard industry format.

Transition your program from outsourced to in-house

With our quality training services, we can help you transition from an outsource to an in-house condition monitoring program, all the while maintaining the highest standards.

Get a condition monitoring program off the ground

If you don't have the capital or time required to start a condition monitoring program, Red Wolf Reliability can help. We utilize the latest hardware and software and have expert analysts on staff. We can get a world class program up and running in no time. We collect the data, analyze it, and submit an easy-to-read report detailing the results of our expert analysis.

We can also help you get an in-house program started

We'll take the "learning curve" out of the equation. We do this by starting the program with our own equipment until you can justify acquiring your own equipment. Once the program is running smoothly, we'll switch everything over to your new system. We provide any training you require, and then remain available to aide you and your program any time you may need.

If your Condition Monitoring Program is Ineffective, then there could be many problems you are dealing with such as:

  • Routes are missed because your staff is too busy doing other things
  • Turnover of employees makes you start over on training
  • Your program is limited to one technology instead of the full suite of vibration, oil analysis, infrared and ultrasonic monitoring
  • You’re spending time and money being reactive because your program doesn’t catch all the problems it should
  • You’re not getting expert analysis of the data you do collect

Red Wolf Reliability has your solution. We pair our ISO Cat I Techs with our Cat III Engineers to offer your site expert condition monitoring at a price competitive with an internal program.


  • You’ll never miss another scheduled condition monitoring route
  • You’ll have all your data analyzed by CAT III engineers
  • You don’t have any costs for training, hardware or software
  • Every condition monitoring technology utilized – vibration, oil, infrared, and ultrasonic
  • Our technicians stay well trained and up to date on the latest analysis techniques and interpretation
  • Whether we use your hardware/software or ours, you own the data
  • No headaches, no hassles…it just gets done right

Let Red Wolf Reliability do for you what we do best… machinery health condition monitoring, letting you stay focused on what you do best…running your operation. Perfect for corporations to get all your sites expertly covered AND save money. 

To learn more about our condition monitoring services and to set up a no obligation consultation, contact our sales team or call 970-266-9005 for more information on programs and pricing.