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Bundle and Save

Save up to 25% on all our training offerings!

Bundle and Save

After many years in the professional education business, we have determined the most prevailing obstacles our clients face when purchasing training are:

“It’s year-end and our training budget has been pillaged.”
“Difficult to decide exactly which courses to take and when.”
“Can’t decide between public seminars, private courses or one-on-one mentoring.”
“Training is so expensive, we need some kind of discount to get approval”

At Red Wolf Reliability we are able to solve those issues by offering a bundling package that is unmatched in the industry. With our package, you can earmark your budget BEFORE you even know exactly what your program will entail.

Follow these simple steps to get up to a 25% discount on all our training offerings.

  1. Determine the budget you want to spend with Red Wolf Reliability over the next 18 months.
  2. You pre-pay for credits with this amount which brings about a substantial discount. Essentially the more you spend the deeper the discount…up to 25%!
  3. You then use these credits over the next 18 months for any of your employees at any of your facilities. You can use these credits for the following services:
    1. – One credit gets two hours of one-on-one mentoring. If this is delivered on site only travel expenses are added.
    2. – Eight credits per day purchases a private seminar. If held at your facility only travel expenses are added. For example, a five-day private seminar costs forty credits for up to fifteen students depending on the course. These are typically held at your facility and are a great way to get your staff trained in a cost-effective manner,
    3. Remote Analysis – One credit gets two hours of remote analysis support.

Bundle and Save packages can also be used for In-Person or On-Demand Courses, and Private On-Site or Private Online training for smaller groups.

The benefits of this system are very popular amongst our clients.

  • Allocate your yearly training funds before you spend them.
  • Ability to customize your training program throughout the year as your team evolves.
  • Great for corporate budgets with staff scattered throughout the globe

Contact our Sales Team or call 970-266-9005 to purchase the package that is right for you.