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Reliability Program Assessment

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Reliability Program Assessment

How do you identify maintenance priorities in your plant? How do you eliminate unnecessary repairs? Is your spares inventory up to date? These are just some of the questions the Red Wolf Reliability Program Assessment can answer.​

Many companies get caught up in their day to day business and, sometimes, simply do not have the time or resources to critically analyze their reliability programs. If maintenance practices are not updated to meet the new demands of production or if staff is not properly trained on maintenance procedures, equipment is susceptible to severe failure, which could lead to unscheduled downtime and loss of production and revenue. Often it takes an impartial observer to look at a plant’s reliability program and assess both areas that are successful and areas where there are opportunities for improvement.

The Red Wolf Reliability Program Assessment is a personalized assessment of your current reliability centered maintenance program. Our hands-on review ensures a thorough evaluation of your maintenance program, giving you a better picture of how your program is working and what improvements can be made. Our reliability specialists take the time to review your current maintenance strategies, providing you with a custom assessment which includes:

  • Condition of your current CMMS system
  • Current training programs in place
  • Track the most costly maintenance in your plant and search for opportunities for cost reduction without sacrificing reliability
  • A review of your current spares inventory control procedures
  • Current preventative maintenance tasks and their frequencies
  • Identifying ways to better incorporate condition monitoring practices into current maintenance procedures to reduce the need for intrusive maintenance tasks

Our evaluation is carefully created based on information collected in your plant, not a canned check list. Your report is customized to your facility’s unique maintenance program. The best part is that your personalized assessment is yours to keep whether or not you choose to use our reliability engineering services. That is our promise to you.

To learn more about our personalized reliability program evaluation and to set up a no obligation consultation, contact our sales team or call 970-266-9005.