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Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment

by Mitchell Stansloski, PhD., PE

Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment

Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment - Application with Industrial Rotating Equipment

Author Mitchell Stansloski, PhD., PE

Whether you are a new technician, a seasoned reliability specialist, or an advanced degreed engineer, this text is a one-stop resource for all topics regarding industrial vibration analysis. Starting with why use vibration monitoring in the first place, and then diving into all topics surrounding vibration theory, data acquisition, signal processing, machine theory, analysis and finishing with methods for vibration control.

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Attendees for the following long course's will receive a copy of the Vibration Analysis training manual with their paid registration.

  • ISO Cat II
  • Journal Bearing
  • Dynamic Balancing

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Mitch's text book is GREAT. I read it cover to cover, fascinating content. I have a copy of Eshleman's Basic Machinery vibrations and Mitch's blows that one out of the water.

~ Casey Valkenburg, Reliability Engineer

What a tremendous reference book and training aid for Vibration Analyst's of all experience levels. If you are just a beginner or a seasoned vet, this should find a prominent place on your bookshelf. Great work Mitchell Stansloski, PhD, PE and thanks!

~John Pucillo, Principal, True Reliability

"I was told that my Mitchell Stansloski, PhD, PE's 'Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment' book was waiting for me when I return from the Windpower conference. So I got up at 3am and caught the 6:30am flight back from San Antonio so that I could spend a little time leafing through this monster.
Every bit of what I was looking for and a lot of info/references you can't easily find elsewhere. Although, if I take it with me to read I'll need to either pay an extra seat or load it into the pickup truck.
However, Mitchell, we have to talk about p. 12. You discuss how complicated it is and then probably don't realize that you go on to explain how easy that topic is using the vibration stuff in your book. They're virtually the same thing, just different transducers.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about... well, you'll just have to go to Amazon and buy a copy. Best part - excellent reference for the experienced vibration analyst or the beginner. And a few other technologies besides."

~ Howard W Penrose, PhD, CMRP • 2ndMotorDoc LLC2h

"Got an encyclopedia for Vibration Analysis today as a gift from high-speed, rotating equipment guru Mitchell Stansloski, PhD, PE. I have only performed an initial scan but images are high quality, clear and in color. Text is well done and brief, even in complex explanations. Great effort was made to break down the topics into understandable, bite-size chunks of wisdom."

~ Terrence OHanlon – Reliabilityweb.com. Uptime® Magazine, Reliability Leadership Institute™

"It’s a very well crafted text. I have one myself. Well Done Mitchell Stansloski, PhD, PE."

~ Dr. Karl Hoffower, DC, CRL – Reliability Leader | IOT Predictive Analytic

"Mitch has put together a well crafted book full of information that anyone active in the craft of reliability and vibration analysis of rotating machinery can put to use straightaway."

~ Skip (Allen) Hartman, ISO CAT IV Vibration – CBM Technical Director at BluEyeQ LLC

"Wonderful book. Great wealth (of) information you have accumulated."

~ Christopher Goonai – Reliability & PDM Engineer | Risk Mitigation | Mechanical Engineering | Energy & Offshore | Machinery Diagnostics