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Root Cause Failure Analysis

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Root Cause Failure Analysis

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is a systematic way of reviewing all the evidence from a failure in order to determine a root cause that is manageable and prevent recurrence.

RCFA is triggered by machinery failures that are repeated, have significant operational or repair consequences, or have any safety or environmental consequences.

This process of investigation significantly reduces the risk of repeated failures.

At Red Wolf Reliability, education is one of our passions.

Sharing our extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of reliability and mechanical engineering is what we enjoy doing most. We are one of the only full-service engineering firms in the country that offers a multi-disciplinary training and education program.

In our Root Cause Failure Analysis course, learn valuable techniques to systematically help you to find solutions to those “Bad Actor” assets.

The principles of cause and effect are covered first. Then there is discussion on preserving and adding evidence to the analysis program. Solution selection and implementation are then added. Finally, these techniques are reinforced with real world case studies to solve. It is recommended that students purchase The Apollo Method by Dean Gano.

A minimum of a secondary education diploma or equivalent is recommended. The open book certification exam consists of 25 questions with a one hour time limit. A minimum score of 70% is required for passing.

All of our courses can be tailored to fit your learning style and are available in both a public and private setting. Whether you are interested in attending our classes at our facility or would like a private class at your site, we will customize our classes to suit your needs, worldwide. That’s the Red Wolf Reliability Difference.

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