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Tribology and Lubrication Services

Rotating machinery needs proper lubrication in order to function reliably and efficiently. Knowing the right location, the right time, the right type, and the right quantity of lubricant is imperative to your maintenance strategy that helps increase productivity, efficiency, and machine life. With our tribology and lubrication services, we take the guess work out of your maintenance routine.

Personalized Plant Lubrication Program

Every plant is different. Our reliability specialists take the time to understand the lubrication needs and practices of your plant in order to develop a successful personalized lubrication program.

Lubrication Charting and Scheduling

Using the right lubrication for each piece of equipment is crucial. Our reliability specialists can help to consolidate & identify if the proper lubricants are being used for your equipment as well as develop a personalized lubrication schedule for each piece of machinery to ensure maintenance is being done at proper intervals to extend the life of your equipment.


Is your equipment running below expected performance? Our reliability specialists will come on-site to inspect and identify issues that your equipment may be experiencing, and offer assistance in addressing the challenges to get your operation back on track.

Oil Sample Collection and Analysis

Our staff of highly skilled reliability specialists are trained in strategic oil collection practice to obtain maximum data results and minimize data disturbance of new and used oil samples at your site. We also review and interpret the analysis and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report to aid in the ongoing implementation of your proactive maintenance program.

To learn more about our tribology services and to set up a no obligation consultation, contact our sales team.