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Welcome to the Red Wolf Reliability Training Center

With global industry standards and expectations evolving and increasing at a rapid pace, achieving and maintaining maximum machinery reliability and efficiency is growing more important every day. At Red Wolf Reliability, we believe that proper employee training can help reduce risk and maximize equipment reliability and efficiency. Our training expertise, along with our variety of training formats offered combine to create quality options to meet all your training and educational needs.

Vibration Analyst Certification Level I-IV

Vibration Analyst Certifications

Red Wolf Reliability offers Vibration Analysis ISO Category I-IV Training and Certification. Our In-Person or On-Demand Self Study courses follow Category I-IV Guidelines established by ISO 18436-2.

Engineering Career Track Training Program

Career Track Training Program

Red Wolf Reliability offers ISO Category Level I-III Training and Certification for the following Industries: Reliability Engineer, Rotating Equipment Engineer and Condition Monitoring Specialist.

Public Training

Public Training

Get access to over 30 years of experience and expertise from one of the industry’s leading engineering firms with our a full suite of vibration analysis courses in a learning-friendly classroom setting or available On-Demand.

Private Seminars

Private Training

We deliver our Private Training directly to you at your facility, allowing us to work and teach hands-on practical applications to your equipment. This provides a cost effective way to train and educate a large portion of your personnel.



Red Wolf Reliability provides one-on-one mentoring with your personnel in your environment, or via remote web sessions. We can arrange mentoring in all areas we offer services.


Member-Only Content

Self-paced and fully interactive. Build a custom training curriculum that exactly fits your personal or company needs.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert gives you the opportunity to connect weekly top Red Wolf Reliability instructors and experts with 30 years of expertise in the fields of plant reliability, mechanical design, and vibration analysis.

Virtual Mentor

Virtual Mentor

Red Wolf Reliability has developed a rules-based system application to assist technicians to diagnose problems more accurately.