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Member-Only Content

Member-Only Content

They say if you don’t use it you lose it! We believe that’s true. We also believe that the best way to truly learn and retain information is to revisit it often. For these reasons we are now offering online training modules. These short video-based modules are designed to be fully interactive for the student. None are longer than 20 minutes and all offer quizzes to ensure you have grasped the module’s content.

The Member-Only Training is offered by an annual subscription basis. Watch as many modules as you want, and repeat them as often as you’d like for one annual fee. We will continually add new content to go along with the large number of titles already posted. Immerse yourself in them anytime and anywhere.

While not designed to replace full course training, they are meant to enhance your learning experience by diving much deeper into a topic for a very concentrated time. Your overall retention will significantly improve, we guarantee it!

We cover the following subjects:

  • Condition Monitoring Technologies
  • Vibration Fundamentals
  • Determining Severity
  • General Forces and Malfunctions Analysis
  • Dynamic Data Acquisition
  • Dynamic Measurement Hardware and Software
  • Machine Theory and Analysis
  • Machine Components and Analysis
  • Dynamic Signal Processing
  • Plant Reliability
  • Modal and ODS Analysis
  • Finite Elements for Modal Analysis
  • Controlling Vibration
  • Vibration Standards
  • Condition Monitoring Economics
  • Case Studies

These will not be downloaded but rather streamed for your convenience. Once subscribed, you be given your own personal login and the content can be accessed at will.

Have a suggestion for a module you would like to see? We welcome your suggestions for new material, just email us.

View a sample 10 min video on Absolute vs. Relative Measurements and see what our interactive Members-Only training videos are like.