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Red Wolf Reliability

Vibration Analyst Certification

ISO Category I-IV

Vibration Analyst Training & Certification

Red Wolf Reliability offers Vibration Analysis ISO Category I-IV Training and Certification. Our In-Person or On-Demand Self Study courses follow Category I-IV Guidelines established by ISO 18436-2, “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine – Requirements for training and certification of personnel – Part 2: Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics.”

Why Train and Get Certified with Red Wolf Reliability?

Our instructors are the very best in their fields and have over 30+ years of Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring training. Our Vibration Analysis courses are designed to give students the ability to apply practical theories and ideas in a hands-on and interactive learning environment.

  • Red Wolf Reliability will recognize certifications from other providers. If you are in need of a refresher or additional support to pass certification we will mentor you until you are pass your certifications
  • Direct entry is allowed to Category II and III based on education and experience
  • Active in Colorado Chapter of Vibration Institute
  • Corporate Gold Member of the Vibration Institute
  • ISO Certification testing from Vibration Institute
  • Vibration courses follow ISO 18436-2 standard
  • Register for just the exam if you have training or experience
  • In-Person and On-Demand (Self Study with instructor access) available
  • Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment by Mitch Stansloski textbook provided with every vibration class