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Red Wolf Reliability

Career Track Training Program

Career Track Training Program

Red Wolf Reliability offers ISO Category Level I-III Training and Certification for the following Industries: Reliability Engineers, Rotating Equipment Engineers and Condition Monitoring Specialists. We offer a combination of stand alone courses (In-Person or On-Demand Self Study) and self paced 20-30 online training modules through our comprehensive Training Library that allow you to dive deeper into specific topics.

Reliability Engineer

Reliability Engineer Certification is available at both the Introductory and Intermediate Levels.

Rotating Equipment Engineer

Rotating Equipment Engineer Certification is available for Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Condition Monitoring Specialist

Condition Monitoring Specialist Certification is available for Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Why invest in a Career Track Training Program?

Certifications are great, but not always enough to perform in real world situations.

Currently one can get certified in all kinds of different technologies from lubrication to infrared to ultrasonic technologies and of course vibration analysis. In fact, there are quite a few certifications one can get strictly in the field of reliability engineering. These are all great and we highly recommend completing as many of these certificates as possible throughout one’s career.

The problem is that a career as a reliability engineer, rotating equipment engineer or condition monitoring Specialist is much more complicated than an individual certification in a specific technology.

For example, the role of a rotating equipment engineer includes being proficient at a multitude of technologies each of which could carry its own individual certification. However, there are several aspects to that role that can't properly be tested with the written test at the end of a class. At Red Wolf Reliability we have been approached several times to support employee development programs that are internal to that particular corporation. These corporations are highly interested in developing the career track for each of their staff which is so much more than just an ISO category II vibration certification or a level two infrared certification or even a CMRP.

An entire program can't be delivered in a single course, which is why our program includes a number of different styles of courses, with a variety of methods for delivery. In addition, we highly recommend direct mentoring for the practical sides of training.

Red Wolf Reliability has created a program that supports each of those career track developments. These programs include a variety of core course requirements as well as electives, which all have their individual certifications, in order to even qualify for the practical examination Red Wolf Reliability would administer. It is important to note that input for these programs has come from various clients as well as the 32 years personal experience of Mitch Stansloski as a maintenance manager and plant engineer.

A real examination of one’s skills pertaining to their job can't be accomplished by simply taking a written examination. A written examination from any organization does not give a plant manager 100% confidence that all students who passed would be absolutely ready to deliver the content from that course in a real situation, which is why the skill sets required to do the job must be observed. The only way to do that is for students to engage in a practical hands-on exam witnessed by our expert staff. These exams would include real-world scenarios that need solved.

So why would a company enroll their staff into this program? Because they know it would be sure that their staff would be the most prepared and thoroughly tested.

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