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Ultrasonic Inspections

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Ultrasonic Inspections

Industrial Environments:

In applications where vibration condition monitoring is not possible or unreliable, ultrasonic testing can usually fill in the gap. Ultrasonic testing can be used in both contact and non-contact applications, which gives us great versatility. If a component can emit ultrasonic sound, we can detect it utilizing the correct methods. It can also be used as a quick method of confirming or double-checking certain malfunctions detected with vibration and IR analysis.

Ultrasonic testing and inspections are non-destructive and can quickly pinpoint a potential problem or malfunction. This, as with all our inspection techniques, is a thoroughly proven science that has become more trusted over the years. Its applications have become more versatile as well, making it an extremely cost-effective tool for increasing reliability and efficiency regardless of the process system.

Our ultrasonic analysis is a great option for the following applications:

  • Valve and valve stem leaks
  • Pressure/vacuum leaks
  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Lubrication
  • Electrical equipment faults
  • Steam trap efficiency and failures
  • General machinery inspections

Ultrasonic inspections and testing will give you important information, whether it’s used for one-time troubleshooting or a condition monitoring program. Combined with our other technologies, it will give a better understanding of overall machine health and help to solve equipment malfunctions.

Energy Efficiency Studies

Make sure your facility isn’t costing you dollars through leaks and inefficiencies. Have Red Wolf Reliability come and do an energy efficiency study where we check your compressed air system, electrical lines, and building leaks.

We also use Infrared as an option to test for building leaks, electrical issues.

Cleanroom Inspections

Cleanrooms are an essential part of many businesses. Red Wolf Reliability can identify sources of excessive particle counts and scan the clean room for any leaks.

Ultrasonic Inspection