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Virtual Mentor

Virtual Mentor

Welcome to the Virtual Mentor - the first of its kind in our industry.

For new technicians, it can be easy to get lost when diagnosing a problem and not know where to start to identify the root cause of the problem they are seeing. For this very reason, Red Wolf Reliability has developed a rules-based system application to assist technicians to diagnose problems more accurately. Much like working with a traditional mentor, the technician will learn the steps involved to troubleshoot an issue and will build an intuition on how to quickly and effectively solve issues independently in the future.

We find many training companies will offer what are often called "wall charts". We get asked about creating a wall chart on a regular basis and we have resisted creating one over the years because, frankly, we don’t like them! Here are a few reasons why:


  • are limited in scope and options
  • do not consider the environment, the machine, or the monitoring system available
  • don’t consider specific machine components like coupling or bearing type
  • don’t offer up suggestions for fixes
  • are not easily updated
  • give no weighting to the possible analysis choices

And the biggest reason is they don’t encourage the analyst to think for themselves. After using the wall chart the analyst hasn’t picked up any new skills.

That motivated us to create something better - and it's our Virtual Mentor. It addresses all of these issues. Check it out in demonstration video below.

The Virtual Mentor is included with a Full Membership subscription.

Watch a tutorial of our Virtual Mentor application.