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Infrared Imaging

Vibration condition monitoring is an excellent tool for diagnosing mechanical and certain electrical malfunctions but has significant limitations in many electrical applications. Most all electrical components exhibit rising temperatures prior to failure, but it is extremely time-consuming and inefficient to use a single point temperature measuring device inside a complicated panel or switchgear. Infrared is a non-contact, non-intrusive approach that measures heat distribution and concentrations.

Infrared imaging is a proven condition monitoring technology that has been utilized effectively for years. Using infrared technology, we are able to scan and provide imaging of the temperature profile of the electrical or mechanical component of interest.

With the advancing expectations for reliability, efficiency, and product quality, the number of applications for this technology are continually growing.

Our Infrared Imaging services include applications in:

  • Electrical equipment faults
  • General machinery inspections
  • Refractory and insulation inspections
  • Steam trap efficiency and failures
  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Valve and valve stem leaks
  • Pressure/vacuum leaks
  • Building inspections

Combined with other technologies, infrared imaging provides another useful piece of information, enabling a more accurate and effective condition monitoring program.

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