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Applied Infrared Thermography - ISO CAT I


In our Introduction to Applied Infrared Thermography CAT I Course, students will learn how to establish an Infrared Thermography condition monitoring program as well as begin to understand the fundamentals of thermogram signature analysis. This class is intended for maintenance technicians and engineers who want an introductory course in condition monitoring using infrared thermography.

The course follows Category I Guidelines established by ISO 18436-7, “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel – Part 7: Thermography.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply a specified thermographic measurement technique
  • Set up and operate the thermal imaging equipment for safe thermographic data collection
  • Identify, prevent, minimize and control poor data acquisition and error sources
  • Perform basic fault detection, severity assessment and diagnosis in accordance with established instructions
  • Perform basic image post-processing
  • Maintain a database of results and trends
  • Verify the calibration of thermographic measurement systems
  • Evaluate and report test results and highlight areas of concern