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Intermediate Applied Vibration Analysis - ISO CAT II


In our Intermediate Applied Vibration Analysis Category II Course, students will learn how to specify basic FFT parameters, establish initial alarm set points, and perform fundamental signature and phase analysis. This class is intended for maintenance technicians and engineers who want an intermediate course in vibration analysis.

A minimum of a secondary education diploma or equivalent is recommended.

The course follows Category II Guidelines established by ISO 18436-2, “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine – Requirements for training and certification of personnel – Part 2: Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics.”

Intermediate Vibration Analysis Course Objectives:

  • Select the appropriate machinery vibration measurement technique
  • Maintain a database of results and trends
  • Establish and implement general overall level alarms
  • Set up instruments for the basic resolution of amplitude, frequency and time
  • Perform basic vibration analysis of machinery and components, such as shafts, bearings, gears, fans, pumps and motors, using spectrum and phase analysis
  • Classify, interpret and evaluate the test results in accordance with applicable specifications and standards
  • Understand basic single plane balancing concepts
  • Be aware of some causes and effects of bad measurement data
  • Perform basic bump tests to determine natural frequencies
  • Recommend minor corrective action

Optional Category ll- ISO Certification Exams

ISO Accredited Certification through the Vibration Institute requires 68 hours of formal training or independent study, 18 months experience and the examination. The ISO Category ll exam is an additional $400 and will be administered the following morning after the last day of class. Please note the ISO exam application and approval from the Vibration Institute must be completed 20 days prior to the exam date.

Student Reviews

Shout out to the team at Red Wolf Reliability and Mitchell Stansloski, PhD, PE. Their online self paced CAT 2 Vibration Analysis course was a great fit for a supervisor with limited time available for travel and after hours availability. Mitch’s text book is great. I honestly couldn’t help but read a 552 page textbook because it’s fascinating content, detail and it’s ease of reading.

Cornelis Valkenburg

Jul, 25th. 2023

Reviewed Instructor(s)


Mitch Stansloski

CEO, PhD., P.E.

The Redwolf test was very different from the Vibration Institute test, I would say the Vibration Institute test seemed easier. I was concerned with memorization of ISO standards and only encountered one question about a specific ISO standard. The biggest content difference between the tests was the phase diagram questions and the equation sheets. I only encountered one very basic question in the VI test on phase and the equation sheets were only about 75% common.

Chad's feedback was great after the Red Wolf test. Some of the things I missed I didn't even know quite where to look and it was helpful to review and discuss that with Chad and great personal touch too.

My biggest pieces of feedback for improvement would be these things.

  1. Now that I have taken the class it would be a great resource, like a poster, for the typical faults but also Mitch's 4 rules for rotating and stationary force determination and phase diagram relationships for fault identification. I am sure all of your competitors have something to this effect and something to this effect for reference to reinforce the what/how I just learn (in) vibration analysis would have been nice, and I was surprised there was not one. I even see this as a great branding opportunity for Red Wolf.
    *(We recommend using our Virtual Mentor as a replacement for Wall Charts)
  2. Mitch's training manual is GREAT. I read it cover to cover, fascinating content. I have a copy of Eshleman's Basic Machinery Vibrations and Mitch's blows that one out of the water.

I hope this feedback is welcome and constructive and I would not hesitate to recommend this course and format to others. The online format worked really well with my personal and professional commitments. I would say with the videos, reading, study and testing I am about 60-70 hrs total time committed as reference for other future learners. I know I didn't have to the read the whole book for the CAT 2 class but I really couldn't stop.

Casey Valkenburg

Jun, 12th. 2023

Reviewed Instructor(s)


Chad Wilcox